Saturday, June 18, 2016

bangla Jatra dance HD: Dancing Doll

You can't say it's an appealing or hot show, it's most entertaining Bangla Jatra dance show : Dancing Doll Jatra Pala has become an appeal creating show to its audience after its being transformed as a dance-based program. As we know “Jatra Pala” or “Variety Show” is mainly a rural long folk play and it was one of the main entertaining ways to the villagers. But now it’s no longer its own place because of modern entertainment at door-steps and a lot of ways has been created to fulfill village living people’s entertainment needs. So, what is to be next? Next is some wild fun we need to be energies ourselves. This passion influence us to reform the “Jatra Dance” culture from traditional Jatra Pala; where people get into to the show to enjoy short cloths wearing dancer woman’s body and body parts shaking. We can say, villagers fill up their entertainment needs like urban people frequently can get it this kind of fun at a hotel or club. Jatra Dance shows are mainly seasonal arrangement in the winter in a village fair. It is rear to find a Jatra Dance show arrangement without in a village fair. Not only in village fair, now, some city fairs organizing Jatra Dance shows to entertain urban people. Bengali New Year (Pohela Boishakh) fairs are leading of them (Boishakhi Mela; Bengali: In this Bangla Jatra dance video, two Jatra dancer women perform their short dance, which create themself most vulgar dancer. But, their audience was so cheering to enjoy their performance. So we can say, it worth their efforts according their ways.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

New hd Hot Jatra dance 2016 || bra open dance in public show HD: Dancing Doll

She is super, hot model looking talented Bangladeshi Jatra dancer in Bangla Jatra dance industry .The dance is like the ant to see the Bengali people sweets. Bangladeshi hot sexy girls dancing. It is a very popular in Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, India, Malaysia, Qatar and Others Country in the world. Jatra Pala, Jatra Dance, Bangladeshi jatra Dance, In this video the jatra dancer gives erotic movement with audience. In this Bangladeshi Jatra Dance video you will find some funny moment. As we know Bangladeshi village people are more fun loving than urban dwellers on the stage. After that the old man gets enough inspiration and he decided to join with that .Subscribe to our channel to get more and attractive Bangladeshi Jatra Dance videos.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

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Monday, May 30, 2016

bangla Jatra dance HD: Dancing Doll

#Dance Dance Revolution is a video game where the player must accurately step on colored arrows in beat with a song. There are four arrows; up, down, left and right. The arrows are tapped in an ordered defined by graphics moving on the screen. On harder difficulties the arrows on screen move faster and faster, and the player must keep stomping arrows at the same speed.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

bangla Jatra dance HD: Dancing Doll

It's not hot, it's most funny Bangla Jatra dance ever HD : Dancing Doll

Her sexiness goes wrong and cheap in a village Jatra Pala dance show. That dancer woman wanted to do something most erotic but that not works. That ends with just funny workout instead. She was a fat but confident dancer. Although her vulgarly presentation celebrated with clapping and cheering. Before we described this kind of dance show, it's all about showing and shaking woman's body parts instead of artistic dancing.

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